5 Fun Ways to Deliver Your North Pole Toolkit

5 Fun Ways to Deliver Your North Pole Toolkit

You've read the "Santa's Little Helper" story and told your children that Santa will be delivering their North Pole Toolkit soon. Santa's Lead Elf, Smin, will be dropping it off, but where will they find it?!

Choosing how to deliver the North Pole Toolkit to your Santa's Little Helper is a fun way to build up anticipation and let your child's wonder and imagination soar. As one mom put it,

We set our kids' tool kits out underneath the Christmas tree so when they woke up, it was the first thing they saw when they walked into our living room. They were SO excited and knew exactly what they were...and they couldn't believe the book ("Santa's Little Helper" story) was actually a "real" story!

It was almost magical for them! 

Santa's Little Helpers Macaroni Kid Downtown KC

Ready to make some magic for your Santa's Little Helpers? Start with an epic North Pole delivery. Here are 5 fun ideas to get you started!

1. Under the Christmas Tree

Leave the Toolkit underneath the Christmas tree for your child to find when they wake up!

Santa's Little Helper North Pole Toolkit

2. Ring Sleigh Bells and Deliver to the Door

Ring some bells to signal Santa's sleigh coming by. Make sure your Little Helper can hear them! Ring the doorbell and have the Toolkit waiting for them when they open the door. A full Jingle Kit post is here if you want to see how to ring those bells and then some!

Santa's Little Helper Jingle Kit

3. Santa Himself!

Have a Santa suit? Hat? Are you visiting Santa at the mall or local shopping center? Suit up and have some fun! A personal visit or delivery of a Santa's Little Helper kit from the Big Man is a great surprise for your child (not to mention an amazing photo op!).

4. A Specific Plan

When I was picked to be Santa's Little Helper nearly 20 years ago, my mom built up the anticipation by telling me that Santa's elf had told her he would be visiting my neighborhood on a certain day. On that day, my special North Pole Toolkit would be delivered! I couldn't wait for that day to arrive, and raced to the door when the doorbell rang. My kit from Santa waiting for me on the doorstep with the letter from Smin was such a treat to receive! Have fun tailoring your own story to make Smin's visit as special as it can be for your family.

Original Santa's Little Helper Delivery

5. At a Family Member or Friend's House

So many families enjoy doing Santa's Little Helper with friends, cousins, grandparents, and neighbors. Get the whole group in on the fun of delivering the Toolkit by designating someone's home, yard, or other area as the place Smin will leave the Toolkits. Not only does this make the delivery a great event for everyone, but it lets even more in on the action behind the scenes as they plot together this magical surprise!

Santa's Little Helper Grandparent


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