Check Out This Giver!

Check Out This Giver!

This Giving Tuesday there are so many wonderful stories to be shared. We're so excited to share this story of our own!

Last year, little Olive got a special visit. When she woke up one morning who was at the door but Santa himself, delivering her very own Santa's Little Helper kit! She got right to work making her reindeer ornaments from the North Pole, and had lots of fun with grandma there to help her out too.

Santa's Little Helper Giving Tuesday

This year, when her grandma heard about our donations to charities and our need for Little Helpers of our own to pack the kits for delivery, she and Olive were on the job! They came out on a Saturday afternoon to join Santa's southern workshop and pack lots of Santa's Little Helper kits so other kids could be part of this magical experience and be specially chosen to help Santa too! 

Olive and Grandma

Olive was excited to get to help Santa again by making the kits for other kids so they'd get to do what she did last Christmas as Santa's Little Helper. She loved being part of the team, this time giving to others on an even bigger scale! They set a record pace making sure each kit got the fun pieces nestled in just the right places. We were all busy elves that day!

Olive at work!

The Santa's Little Helper kits Olive helped to pack are going to foster children, military families, and children with chronic illnesses. What an awesome example of a little giving going a long way, and the true meaning of Santa's Little Helper and even more, Christmas!

It makes you wonder: What will your child do when they become Santa's Little Helper?


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