Flag Day Fun!

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Flag Day Fun!

Do you want to wave your own flag this Flag Day? Follow these 5 easy steps!


1 Sheet of Paper (computer paper, notepaper, construction paper, any paper!)

Markers, Paint, or Coloring Pencils



Paper towel role, ruler, or other stick-shaped object to serve as flagpole (optional)

DIY Flag Day Flag


1. Choose your flag name!

Is your flag for your secret kingdom, your playful puppy, or your favorite sports team?! Choose any name you want, be silly and have fun!

2. Choose your flag shape!

Keep it square like your paper? Or make it a circle, a diamond, a zig zag...any shape you can imagine!

DIY Flag Day Flag

3. Choose your flag colors!

Decorate your flag to match your style! Will it be technicolor or 2-toned?! Don't forget to write your flag name on it too!

DIY Flag Day Flag

4. Mount your flag to a flagpole!

You can carry your flag just by itself, of if you want to really let if fly, tape it to a paper towel role or broomstick handle. Or even to your door or dining room chair! 

DIY Flag Day Flag

5. Come up with an awesome story about your flag!

Why did you name it what you named it? Why are the colors you chose important? Come up with fun stories to go along with your special flag and share it with your friends and family! 



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