Make Your Own Santa's Little Helper "Jingle Kit!"

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Make Your Own Santa's Little Helper "Jingle Kit!"

A visit from Santa usually comes once a year. So it's a pretty big deal that your child is getting 2 more North Pole visits as Santa's Little Helper!

Santa's Christmas eve visit typically calls for milk and cookies. Children might hear a sleigh bell or HO HO HO as they dream of Christmas morning. The anticipation is so high, ever bit of extra flair that surrounds Santa's special trip down the chimney with their gifts is magical for children.

Why not add some of that same magic to their visit from Smin the Elf as he drops off their North Pole Toolkit?! 

Families that have Smin visit their Santa's Little Helper have the fun opportunity to get creative as they eagerly await Santa's North Pole Toolkit.

Santa's Little Helper Jingle Kit

We've created a sample "Jingle Kit" which will be raffled at our booth during the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique. This kit is full of goodies to make your Santa's Little Helper experience even more magical and fun for not only your child, but the whole family!

Santa's Little Helper "Jingle Kit"

Jingle Bell Shaker

Everyone knows the sound of jingle bells means someone from the North Pole is near! Ring the bells as Smin arrives with your Little Helper's North Pole Toolkit to add extra magic to the delivery experience. 

North Pole Snowflakes

Sometimes Smin and Santa leave a few tracks from their visits to children's homes. Lately we've noticed some North Pole snowflakes scattered around! Sprinkle them by the North Pole Toolkit at the delivery site for your Little Helper to discover when they retrieve it!

North Pole Snowflake Window Decals

A great way to bring Santa's Workshop into your home. Give these to your Little Helper to hang up as they decorate their reindeer ornaments and write their Christmas Cheer Cards. A fun reminder of their time as Santa's Little Helper the whole Christmas season!

Santa's Little Helper Jingle Kit Closeup

Hot Cocoa Mix 

Enjoy this Christmasy drink as a family while you craft your reindeer and chat about who will receive your Little Helper's special Christmas Cheer Cards and ornaments. 

Christmas Cookie Cutter

Cookies and Santa go together like peanut butter and jelly! Find your favorite Christmas cookie recipe and bake some while you wait for Smin to visit! Your family will love munching on them while they read the Santa's Little Helper story and prepare to help Santa!

Santa's Little Helper Jingle Kit Box



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