Mrs. Claus Says Hello for International Women's Day

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Mrs. Claus Says Hello for International Women's Day

Hello from Mrs. Claus!

Smin just arrived with this greeting from Mrs. Claus. She heard that it was International Women's Day and thought she'd chime in! Listen to, or read, her message here.


Mrs. Claus from I Helped Santa on Vimeo.


Ohhh, a day for women! Santa and I are tickled by the very thought. You see for us, every child is so important and loved and so our their moms. And don’t we know that each and every child has a distinct personality and purpose all their own! Why, the world wouldn’t go round without every single person walking on it right now.

Even here in the North Pole, Santa and I ourselves just fit right together, and have since before any of you could remember. We both do what we love, and love doing it together. There’s no other way a child would get a toy from Santa on Christmas day! Although we could always use a little help and appreciate the work of our Santa’s Little helpers.

Santa's Little Helpers

We never forget a child, and every year when their name pops up we have a grand time reflecting on their unique life. Every year when we go through our North Pole mail reading their Christmas list, we laugh so much at their merry desires. What’s even better is looking at their past lists, watching them grow up and their wishes with them.

Santa's Mail

So I’m giving what you southerner’s call a “shout out” to all of the women out there. Thank you for all that you do, and more importantly, who you are. You’ve certainly brought Santa and I much joy through the years, and we’re so proud of you. Thanks for the gifts you give to others every day by just being you.

Mrs. Claus and Santa's Reindeer

What a fun celebration, this International Women’s Day is. Santa is showing his appreciation to me by brewing his extra special hot chocolate with three spoonfuls of marshmallows. Just like I like it! I wonder what we’ll get to honor next!?


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