Smin's Sous Chefs: Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Smin's Sous Chefs: Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Cool down with this delicious summer treat right out of Santa's kitchen! Even better, serve it at your Christmas in July party!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Frozen Hot Chocolate


6 ounces milk

1/2 cup hot cocoa mix

handful of ice cubes

whipped cream (optional)

toppings and add-ins (optional)*

Smin loves to dust his with additional hot cocoa mix, drizzle with chocolate, and add marshmallows!


Blend milk, hot cocoa mix, and ice cubes in blender, starting on low speed to crush the ice and then high speed to make it smooth. 

Pour into your favorite jumbo Christmas mug or a tall glass and top with whipped cream and any toppings you want. 

Serve with a straw and enjoy this chilled out version of the Christmas cocoa classic!

*You may also add chocolate chips or peppermint pieces to the mixture when you blend it as fun add-ins. For a creamier shake, use chocolate milk or vanilla ice cream instead of the milk.

What are your favorite toppings or mix-ins?? Share in the comments!


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