Throw a Christmas in July Party!

Throw a Christmas in July Party!

Celebrate the halfway mark to Christmas with fun and family this Christmas in July! Everyone will love getting creative and you can enjoy making this festive event unique to your family and friends. To get you started we have a few of our favorite games, snacks, and Christmas cheer below.

1. Put your favorite Christmas music on! 

2. Deck the halls!

Your Little Helpers will love making these easy paper snowflakes or digging out some Christmas decorations to make the occasion festive. 

Paper Snowflakes

3. Make Smin's famous Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

4. Play some Reindeer Games!

Any of your favorite games can become festive for Christmas. For example:

- Uno can become "Elf Uno"

- Capture the Flag can become "Capture the North Pole"

- Horseshoes can become "Reindeer Shoes"

- Charades can become "Santa Theater"

5. Serve up these scrumptious Watermelon Christmas Trees.

Watermelon Christmas Trees

6. Have a North Pole Snowball Fight.

Fill up some water balloons and cool down with this summer favorite!

Water Balloons

7. Deliver your child's Santa's Little Helper North Pole Toolkit! 

Make it official that your child will get to help Santa Claus this Christmas as Santa's Little Helper. Deliver their Toolkit and welcome letter from Smin the Elf and extend the fun from now until Christmas! (Order Kit Here)

Summer With Smin Certificate

Have a great time, and remember, we're already halfway to Christmas! 


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