The Santa's Little Helper Experience

Santa's workshop comes to your house in 1 convenient box! The whole family will love helping Santa in this one of a kind experience.

Here's how it works:

1. Santa needs your child's help this year!

He's so busy he needs them to make a special craft from his workshop. Read them the Santa's Little Helper story to begin the fun.

Santa's Little Helper story

2. Santa's elf Smin delivers their official North Pole Toolkit.

Have fun writing your child's name on the box and picking how you'll deliver it as "Smin." The box is already packed with everything they need to make 5 wooden reindeer ornaments from Santa's workshop!

Santa's Little Helper Toolkit

Santa's Little Helper Toolkit

3. Help your children make their ornaments.

Have fun painting and decorating the reindeer together. Remember to do a good job because they're for Santa!

4. Pick out who your child wants to give their finished ornaments to. 

Help them write a Christmas Cheer Card letter for those people. 5 Christmas Cheer Cards are included in every kit, along with an official Santa's Little Helper pencil!

Santa's Little Helper Christmas Cheer Card

5. Give the ornaments and Christmas Cheer Cards away!

Enjoy watching your children give at Christmas as they deliver their homemade ornaments and cards to others. Santa will be so proud of their great work helping him make Christmas special for others!

Santa's Little Helper Giving Back at Christmas

6. Receive Official Rewards from Santa!

Santa is so thrilled by your child's work helping him that he sends Smin to drop off a certificate and bracelet officially declaring them Santa's Little Helper! Materials are included in packaging for you to hide until this time and deliver however you wish as "Smin."

Santa's Little Helper Bracelet

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